You cannot deny how lush this nail color looks!

While the work of a talented nail technician won’t break quickly, biweekly salon visits are a must. However, is there anything else you can do to make sure your nails stay gorgeous until your next fill? Read on as we share tips from the top pros on keeping your acrylics looking fresh, even if it’s been almost two weeks since your last salon visit.

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1. Baby Your Nails!

The number one rule of acrylics is to treat them gently. This means you’ve got a bit of permission to act like a diva—avoid opening cans or doing other things that could damage or break your nails. Believe us, a separated acrylic can be super painful.

You should never try to lift anything heavy with your fingernails. If you need to dig in the dirt to plant your garden, you should also definitely put on some gloves!

2. Consider Top Coat Applications

Getting gel polish over your acrylic nails is a bit pricier, but it can really extend the lifetime of your manicure. If you opt for the regular polish, ask your nail tech about applying top coat. The nail pros recommend applying top coat every 2-3 days to prevent chips and cracks from developing in your polish.

3. Never Pretend to Be a Nail Tech

If you ARE a licensed nail tech, this doesn’t apply for you. For the rest of us who haven’t been trained, don’t try anything complicated at home. This includes trying to clip your acrylic nails, fix serious lifts or breaks, or even doing your own fill. Trust us, it’s not a good idea.

In the absolute worst case scenario, if you accidentally trap bacteria between your acrylic and nail when trying to fix a major nail lift with nail glue, you could cause a painful infection. When in doubt, it’s always wisest to head straight into the salon.



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