How well you take care of your gel manicure!

How Long Does Gel Nail Polish Last

A gel manicure made using a gel nail polish can last you 2 to 3 weeks without peeling, chipping, or lifting.

Now the exact lifespan of your gel manicure will vary greatly with each individual. The lifespan will vary based on:

– How well you take care of your gel manicure.

– If they were correctly applied using proper nail prep.

– The environment that your gel nails are exposed to.

– How oily your natural nails are.

How well you take care of your gel manicure!

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How Long Does Gel Nail Extension Last

– Gel Nail Extensions made using a hard gel can last you for 3-4 weeks. Hard gel is the most common form of Gel used to make gel nail extensions.

– Now Soft Gel also known as soak off gel can last you for 2-3 weeks.

– Hard Gel is more durable and can’t be removed using acetone instead it needs to be filed off. Whilst soft gel isn’t as tough as hard gel but is easier to remove with acetone.

Keep Your Gel Manicure Moisturized

It’s essential that you keep your gel manicure moisturized, if not they have a tendency to dry out which can lead to peeling.

Now the best way to keep your gel moisturized is to use a cuticle oil which will not only keep your manicure in a good condition but will also make your cuticles and natural nails strong and healthy.


How well you take care of your gel manicure!

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