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What Causes Dry Nail Cuticles?

You know the saying: your hands show your age! No more so than in winter when dry skin and flaky nails can be a tell-tale sign of not enough TLC.

A few factors that can potentially cause nail cuticles to become dry and damaged are prolonged exposure of nails to constant, yet necessary, hand washing and detergents and harsh chemicals.

Other possible causes of dry cuticles can be a poor diet, thyroid problems or lack of moisture in the skin.

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Treating Dry Cuticles

Eat a well balanced diet. Diet is an important component in the health of your nails and cuticles.

Stay hydrated! Drinking a lot of water is important to keep nails and cuticles moisturized.

Biotin is a good supplement for maintaining healthy nails and cuticles. Biotin supplements are an excellent addition to strengthen nails and can also be applied directly on the nails.

DO NOT aggressively cut cuticles. Apply oil and allow it to penetrate and follow up with the use of a cuticle pusher to gently push them back. *Cutting cuticles creates conditions for bacteria to enter in the body .

Keep your hands and nails moisturized. Use a hydrating cream such as Hempz Lotion and apply Solar Oil daily.

Pamper yourself with weekly manicures to keep your cuticles healthy and moisturized and nails looking fabulous!

DO NOT use nails as tools, such as opening pop cans and scraping off labels. This will potentially cause nails to become weaker and brittle. Nails are Jewels….not tools.

Wear gloves while gardening, washing dishes and doing other household work with harsh detergents and chemicals.

DO NOT rip or pull hangnails, as bacteria can easily enter in the gap between the skin and the nail and potentially cause an infection.