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A large majority of nail salons are offering dip powder service. This nail method is definitely worth a try. Today we’re helping you to have an overview of dip nails, and most importantly, know about some good dip powder brands so that you can get a better manicure experience. It’s never too early to give your nails the love, care and attention they deserve!

What Is A Dip Powder Manicure?

Dip powder manicure is somewhere between a regular manicure and a fake acrylic nail. Dip manicures use a combination of colorful, fine-grain powder, adhesives, topcoats, and buffing to achieve a sturdy, acrylic-like finish. It looks like a magical dust that transforms into an even coat of paint. The results are incredibly durable, natural-looking.

What Is The Process Of Dipping Powder?

Nails are filed, shaped and cleansed. The nail plate is brushed over with a bond polish to make sure the color sticks, and followed with a base coat. Then, one fingernail is dipped into a jar of highly pigmented powder in your chosen color. The process is repeated a couple of times depending on the color and product to achieve your desired look. Then, the rough, powdery layers are transformed into a smooth, glossy finish once a sealant is applied. The best part: Unlike the classic gel manicure, dip nails dry in seconds — no UV lamp or dryer required.

Dip powder manicure is recently the talk of the town because it can last longer than regular manicures.

Dip manicure uses colored powder acrylic mixed with glue-resin that cures in the air. Hence, the application is easy because you don’t need to use light to harden it. An activator polish is brushed as a top coat to complete the process. Because dipping powder is becoming popular, there are a lot of color options that you can choose from. You will not find it hard to look for your favorite shade and using it.

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