The Importance of Eyebrows

1. The Importance of Eyebrows

Our eyes are one of the most noticed features on our faces. When other people look at us, they almost automatically gaze into our eyes, so people like to dress up the area around them with make-up. Eyebrows have been a big deal in the fashion world lately. Everyone suddenly wants thick, bushy eyebrows to compliment their eyes and whole face. Men and women have different densities of eyebrows. Men’s eyebrows are thicker, closer to the eyes with smaller eyelids, and appear straighter, whereas women’s are thinner, more curved, and are farther from the eyes.

2. Should eyebrows be darker or lighter?

Go for a shade that is 1-2 shades darker if you have blonde or light brown hair. If you have hair that is lighter in color, make sure the eyebrow color is a bit darker so it stands out on your face. The shade should be light enough to look natural but dark enough to give your brows some definition

3. What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. Tinting allows a professional to manipulate the brow area by darkening the fine hairs that surround the perimeter of the brow to increase the width. It also allows the specialist to darken the fine hairs in the inner core of the brow that are in less dense areas. This creates a longer brow line (brow tail) or fuller front and a more ideal shape

4. How Long Does it Take?

An average session, takes only about 15 minutes. First, you’ll consult with a specialist to discuss how full and natural you want your brows to look. Then the specialist will prep the area, cleaning the brows and applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly around them to prevent any accidental skin staining. The dye is then mixed and carefully applied, first in the direction of how your brow hairs grow and then a second layer is applied in the opposite direction. The dye is left on for a few minutes to attain optimal color, then any excess is removed with a damp paper towel. Don’t freak out if you see dye on the skin underneath your brows, that will wash away after a day or two.

5. How Soon Will You See Results?

You’ll want to avoid getting your brows wet for 12 hours after getting the treatment done and to clean around the area with gel or cream-based cleansers. Your brows will stand out and look fuller right away. You can cut back on the multiple brow products in your beauty routine. The tint lasts anywhere from three to six weeks. To maintain color, we suggest coming in every four to six weeks for touch-ups. Avoiding exfoliating or use of any oil-based products in that area as it will cause the tint to fade faster. Avoiding any products that might further irritate the thin eyebrow skin, such as retinoids and retinols.

Applying a thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor to the surrounding skin as a form of protective barrier between the dye and your skin. We recommend using something like castor or almond oil to create the same protective barrier on the brow and to help the tint from fading too fast.

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