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If you are still in search of cute Christmas nails then look no further. Scroll down to our photo selection of the best Christmas nail designs!

Being extra is what the holiday season is all about. If you’re trying to get on that level, keep scrolling for some major inspiration.

Christmas is a great time to express holiday cheer with festive nails! Amp up the winter vibes by incorporating seasonal colors like hunter green, mistletoe, and snowflake blue into your nail art. Introduce some sparkle with snowflakes and Christmas trees finished in glitter and gemstones. For a bold look, consider incorporating 3D art such as bells, ribbon bows, reindeer, jingle bells or Santa Clause himself utilizing acrylics or sculpting powders. Whatever you choose, Christmastime manicures are sure to bring out the warmth of the season and will surely be an eye catching addition to any outfit or occasion.

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Nails salon 32174 | Nail Affair | Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Nails salon 32174 | Nail Affair | Ormond Beach, FL 32174