Nails First & Spa – Is It Possible To Do Your French Manicure At Home?

You don’t need to go to a top-ranked beauty salon to achieve the perfect French tips — they’re actually extremely do-able from home. Although it’s not a quick paint-and-go manicure, it’s very doable with some practice.

If you are ready to take on your French tips yourself, experienced nail artists recommend putting the polish brush on the center of your nail and making a small dash. Then, make arcs on each side of the nail that connect to it. Do it carefully and you will ace your half-moon tips! Don’t forget to take the transparent top coat and apply it over your new nails. This will seal in the manicure and give your nails a glossy yet natural finish.

Before the tip is created, create a base to the manicure with a flesh-toned polish. Always find a nude-ish base color that corresponds with your skin tone. If you have a pink skin tone, then paint your fingernails pale pink. If you have milky white skin, then use a milky or beige color. Yellow skin undertones go great with peach colored fingernails.

A new nail set of French Manicure can stay looking neat and clean for up to four weeks. It all depends on how you take care of your nails and which color shades and nail polishes you used. If it’s not a choice between doing household chores and getting your nails done, you might want to splurge on a pro job. A good Nails First & Spa Manicure service at a nail lounge, which typically costs between $15 and $25, won’t result in polish all over your fingers. Plus, you may get a hand massage and nail care advice from a skillful manicurist.

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