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Acrylic nails can lift due to the way that they were applied or down to lifestyle factors and how you use your hands and nails. Either way, the acrylic either does not attach properly or loses its bond to the natural nail.

While acrylics can look great, its true to say that they can be immensely frustrating if they were not done right.

But before we call the salon to complain, it’s important to consider that the application of acrylic nails requires skill. It’s a precise process that can go wrong in a variety of ways.

At the same time, lifting may not always be the result of inadequacies of the technician.

Its something that we can actually cause.

This is why when wearing them we need to be aware of our new limitations.

Unbalanced Use Of Products

It is important to apply the correct ratio between the liquid and powder during the creation of the enhancement itself.

If the ratio is wrong, the acrylic may end up too dry and unable to stick itself properly to the nail plate.

No Use Of Primer or Dehydrator

If your technician does not apply primer, or dehydrator on the natural nail plate, your are going to be in trouble.

These take away natural oils on the plate, which can cause slippage. Thus, these products help the acryl to hold and attach properly.

How Do I Keep My Acrylic Nails From Lifting?

Thankfully, lifting is not common in acrylic nails that were applied well.

Still, there are some useful tips and tricks you can practice to prevent lifting from happening, at least on your part

Do not pick your acrylics
Get regular refills
Repair small lifts
Find an expert manicurist
Keep your nails clean

Do Not Pick Your Nails

Picking your own nails is a very damaging habit. It’s very bad for nail health in general.

If your nails are weak and not in good health, chances are that your acrylics will not attach properly, to begin with, or lift in time.

Get Regular Refills

Do not allow the appearance of big growth gaps.

Refill your acrylics every two weeks to avoid possible lifting and damaged corners.

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