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Oval: This face shape is longer than it is wide but only by a bit. Your features likely fall somewhere between soft and sharp.

Square: People with square faces have an angled jaw that’s about as wide as their forehead. They might also have other sharp features, like prominent cheekbones.

Heart: This face shape is characterized by a wide forehead, which tapers down to a narrow jawline and an often pointed chin.

Round: This type of face is wider at the cheeks, with soft, rather than angled features.

Diamond: As you might expect, this face shape is wider at the cheekbones, with a narrow jawline and forehead. The cheekbones also most likely stand out, giving the face a dramatic, angular look.

Long: A face that’s considerably longer than it is wide, with narrow cheeks. If your face is this shape, you might also have a high forehead or a long, narrow chin.

Your face might not match any of these shapes precisely. If it’s not immediately obvious to you which shape your face is, it’s likely that it falls somewhere in-between two. If that’s the case, just try to distinguish which two shapes best match your face.

No one shape is any better than another, and there are hairstyles that look fabulous on each of them.



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