Complete guide to taking care of acrylic nails!

Thankfully, there’s not a lot you need to worry about when it comes to taking care of your acrylics, but there are some things you should be aware of that can help to maintain them. Check out our list of suggested dos and don’ts when it comes to taking care of your acrylic nails. This is a starting point with some of the basic things you should do and the things you should avoid doing with acrylics. You can always talk to your nail tech for more advice and recommendations.

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The Dos of Acrylic Nails

Moisturize your hands and apply cuticle oil- This will prevent cracks and breaks in your acrylics while keeping your skin and nails hydrated.

Take nail-boosting supplements (collagen and biotin)- These supplements strengthen your natural nail to lessen your chance of damage to the nails and your acrylics.

Keep up with your nail appointments- Regular fills will help keep your acrylics in tip-top shape.

Avoid putting pressure on the acrylics- Acrylic are not pliable. Be careful to not use them in a way that can cause them to try to bend. Extreme pressure can cause them to break.

The Don’ts of Acrylic Nails

Don’t type using the nails- Type using your fingers instead. Repeated typing can cause wear on the nail causing shape distortion.

Don’t pick at the nails- Even if you have a crack, chipped polish, or hangnail, leave them alone!

Don’t do activities that involve holding heavy objects- Don’t put anything heavy on your acrylic nails, or they could break.

Don’t leave your acrylics without proper maintenance – Acrylics can last three to four weeks, but they should be properly maintained during wear.

Complete guide to taking care of acrylic nails!