Welcome to Navi Milk Tea Shop in Fort Myers, FL 33907

 Want to pick up a drink before class or hang out with friends after a long day? Then come to our milk tea shop in Fort Myers, FL 33907, and enjoy a unique experience.

Our mission is to create an inspiring and relaxing environment where our customers have a chance to relax and enjoy the best-tasting milk tea. Our milk tea shop creates every hand-crafted drink with freshly brewed tea and premium ingredients. Our wide array of flavors and choices ensures that each visitor can find something that suits their preference.

The staff at Navi Milk Tea always welcomes customers with a friendly service attitude and professional style. Besides, Hygiene and food safety is the top priority in our shop. We only use fresh and healthy food as well as clean items to make customers feel the most comfortable, believe and assign your meal to us.

Stop by and grab a drink! Let us be your first choice!

Navi Milk Tea Shop in Fort Myers, FL 33907 | Coffee shop 33907

Address: 11621 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Website: https://navimilkteafortmyers.com/

Phone: +1-404-951-9167

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/SsdaBJ69pWb5UKKt6

Google business: https://navi-milk-tea.business.site/