Welcome to Nail & Spa

Nail & Spa located at 2361 Dekalb Medical Pkwy Lithonia, GA 30058 United States. The services that you will experience at our salon are Eyelash And Eyebrow Tattoo, Spa Pedicure Basics, Spa Pedicure Basics with Gel, Synthetic Nail, Dipping Powder, Waxing (Eyebrow, Lip, Chin, Eyelash, Tint Eyebrow) and more.

Dip Powder 30058 is here to help you solve all those problems. It’s stronger than gel, lasts like acrylics, doesn’t need a light, and won’t ruin your nails. It’s the nail Revolution you’ve been waiting for. The two types of manicures women get most often in a salon are gel polish or acrylic manicures.

Most dip powders are a combination of a glue-type liquid and powder that hardens when it hits the air, and leaves long-lasting color on your — nails minus the need for any ultraviolet (UV) lighting to cure or dry. There also isn’t the pungent smell that’s often associated with gel or acrylic.

Let us help you take care of your nails and beauty in the most perfect way. Happy to serve you at the nail salon 30058