Treatments for Manicure & Pedicure That You Can Find At Any Nail Salon

Professionally polished nails feel great. Uniform cuticles and glossy top coats can’t be done at home.

More nail salons around me provide healthful treatments to renew our hands and feet in addition to polishes and personalized designs. Here are some popular manicures and pedicures in your neighborhood.

Nail salon ONGLES SAPHIRS in Montréal-Nord, QC H1H 1M5


Relax as the technician shapes, files, and buffs your nails for a natural look. Relax with a hand massage using hydrating lotion. Add nail polish.

Nail salon ONGLES SAPHIRS in Montréal-Nord, QC H1H 1M5


Nail experts will shape, file, and buff your nails and give you a hand exfoliation and paraffin soak. A relaxing hand massage is followed by your choice of nail paint.

Nail salon ONGLES SAPHIRS in Montréal-Nord, QC H1H 1M5

Gel manicure

You soak, press back, and file your nails. You get a hand and forearm massage followed by gel application.

Manicure Gel Spa

Cuticles are trimmed and nails are filed. Hand and forearm massage, exfoliation, and paraffin treatment. Then add gel color.

Nail salon ONGLES SAPHIRS in Montréal-Nord, QC H1H 1M5


No time for pedicure? No time for a complete manicure? Quick nail clipping, reshaping, and polishing. The pedicurist will polish your feet and send you on your way.


Nails are cut, filed, and straightened while calluses are buffed. Next, you’ll have a massage and exfoliation from your knees to your toes, followed by nail paint.


Indulge in a pedicure throne. Soak in sea salts as your nails are cut, filed, and smoothed. Body polish removes dry skin. A massage and mask will revive weary and painful muscles, followed by a paraffin soak to moisturize and freshen your feet. Finish with your favorite polish for refreshed feet.

Foot Spa

Start with a foot soak, then exfoliate dry skin. A knee-to-toe massage with heated stones followed by a paraffin wrap to soften the feet. True foot bliss!

Where can I get a mani-pedi in Montreal Nord, QC H1H 1M?

Professional nail salons can provide us beautiful nail art and bulletproof shellac. So relax and enjoy your manicure. But… Where’s the best spot to book?

Montreal Nord offers several nail salons to choose from. Finding the proper manicure place might take trial and error, like finding your favorite watering hole. You’re spoiled with choice if you want experienced manicurists to paint your nails. This Montreal Nord nail bar is contemporary, edgy, boujee, and traditional.

Latest hot spot? ONGLES SAPHIRS is the greatest nail salon in Montreal Nord.

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ONGLES SAPHIRS Montreal Nord, QC H1H1M is known for its sleek, minimalist designs. Influencers love its clean, stylish manicures. Choose from their distinctive nail art designs or collaborate with their artisans on something custom.

Nail salon ONGLES SAPHIRS in Montréal-Nord, QC H1H 1M5

ONGLES SAPHIRS Montreal Nord offers natural nail care. Before polishing, nails are inspected. ONGLES SAPHIRS has opened a nail sanctuary with luxurious surroundings and a pampering menu. Fast, sleek, and opulent. Here, hip and edgy chicks gather. You may request any design, although they’re known for colorful, flashy nail art.

Ready to photograph your manicure or pedicure? A wonderful pedicure in a trendy location. For trendy nail art. ONGLES SAPHIRS, one of the top nail salons in Montreal Nord, QC H1H1M, offers geometric, broken glass, and holographic designs. Pamper yourself or a buddy.

Best nail salon ONGLES SAPHIRSNail salon Montreal Nord, QC H1H 1M
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