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It’s getting a little colder, and it’s time to think about winter fashion. Winter is the time when there are many events such as Christmas, year-end parties, and parties. I want to enjoy fashionable hair and nails as well as clothes. This time, we will introduce recommended nails that can only be done in winter, incorporating cute motifs, trend colors, and designs unique to winter. If you coordinate up to your fingertips with a cute nail design that anticipates winter, there is no doubt that girls’ power will improve. Be the first to check out the 2017 winter nails and set yourself apart.

Girly winter art nails

The first winter nail design I recommend is “girly winter art nails”. A beautiful nail with a soft gradation of pink and white like snow. The art of snowflakes and the large stones that glitter in places are attractive.

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For adults and girls ♪ Winter’s nails

The next winter nail design is “For adults and girls ♪ Winter’s nails”. It is a nail with beautiful shades such as pastel green and beige based on a pretty pink color. The gold line also creates a mature look.

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Pink x White ☆ Winter knit nails

The third recommended winter nail design is “Pink x White ☆ Winter Knit Nail”. Nail with the image of winter-like white and pink knit. Gold and silver stones are the key points, making it a versatile design that is recommended for everyday use and the upcoming party season.

nail salon 32817

Winter 3D Marble Nail

The next winter nail design is “Winter 3D Marble Nail”. A cute nail with a 3D marble design that mixes pink, navy, and yellow on top of white. It is also recommended for offices due to its plump texture and cute flower-like colors.

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