Pretty Pedicure Designs to Inspire Your Next Appointment

 How often do you indulge in fun nail art and forget about your toes? It’s just not something that instinctively comes to mind unless you’re lucky enough to show off your feet in sandal weather all year long. Sigh. The truth is, both sets of your nails are there for you to get creative with. Even though toenail designs feel so underrated, that doesn’t take away from their cool factor. The options are endless. Just think about how fun your feet will look in your favorite open-toed shoes!

From intricate details to abstract designs, here are 50 screenshot-worthy toenail designs, many created by talented Russia-based nail artist Anastasia Maslo, that every nail-art lover will appreciate. Plus, a little encouragement to show some love to these neglected nail beds. Below, we’ve rounded up a few must-see nail designs for your toes.


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