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L’atelier Beauty And Spa is a top-notch nail salon in Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2W2. We are committed to making every effort to provide you with an excellent experience and exceptional nail salon services at a reasonable price.

We are always on top of the trends in the beauty industry making sure we are trained in the latest techniques and products. We offer all of the leading services, including Lashes, Foot Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair, and Facial. Our entire range of services guarantees that we have the skills and experience necessary for your nail and spa needs. Our trained staff will pamper you and make your hands, feet, and hair look their best.

Nail salon V6C 2W2 | L’atelier Beauty And Spa | Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2W2

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Effective Nail Care
Most of the times we tend to overlook our nails when looking at our personal hygiene. This is however a very big mistake. The nails are just as important as any other part of the body and failing to take care of them can actually pose a health risk to you. Just like all other parts of the body, a healthy diet is essential to getting good nails but this is just the beginning.
When it comes to proper nail care, cleanliness is one of the most important factors. It is vital that you take the time to ensure that your nails are well cleaned.

Nail salon V6C 2W2 | L’atelier Beauty And Spa | Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2W2

You could choose to clean them by yourself. Simply wash your hands using water and a gentle soap then gently scrub your nails using a nail scrub. Apart from ensuring that your nails remain beautiful and clean, this will also serve to ensure that your nails are rid of any and all bacteria.
You can also choose to have your nails cleaned by a professional. This is most probably the best idea as you can be sure that nothing will be left to chance. You can visit any of nail salons and have them professionally clean your nails for you.

If you want a nail design that is unique and on-trend while still being office appropriate, look no further than these nail art ideas.
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