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You’ve endured so much during your past weekdays and now the weekend is in full swing. One of the best ways to get the most out of your weekend is spending time at a high-quality day spa. Let’s reclaim your weekend for fun instead of chores! Although it sounds costoso and time-consuming when visiting any good spa, the results you can get after your visit are definitely worth your drive and expense. Check below for some reasons why you should go to a professional beauty salon, especially on the weekend.

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Many salons have excellent interior designs, which makes their clients feel great. Immersing yourself into a beautiful theme, listening to nice music, being wrapped around by essential oil fragrances, and being pampered and cared for by friendly staff have the huge power to release negativity from your mind and put you at ease.


Have A Good Pedicure Routine: If your feet need extra attention, don’t hesitate to treat them to a luxurious treatment and leave your foot problems to an expert. To meet the needs of pampering and beautifying everyone’s feet, toes and toenails, a lot of top-notch nail salons have provided first-class pedicures that are suitable for both men and women.

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No self-care is complete without a good pedi. With the help of excellent pedicure kits from trusted beauty brands, your feet can achieve worthy results. Pedicure products used in most of the top-rated salons come from two brands: LA PALM and VOESH. Reading below to have a quick look at these most famous pedi kits on the market.

La Palm VOLCANO SPA PEDICURE SPA-IN-A-BOX – Helpful tips by Nail salon 22030
***Volcano Spa includes 5 steps:
Detox Volcano Crystals.
Detox Volcano Activator.
Exfoliating Sugar Scrub.
Collagen Organic Cream Mask.
Collagen Organic Massage Lotion.
Volcano Spa kits offer a fun “volcano eruption” that releases luxury fragrance into the air, filling the room with a lovely aroma.
The bubbling eruption will detoxify and soften your skin.
Raw sugars and essential oils renew the skin and enhance vibrancy.
Collagen is completely absorbed into your feet and legs, which rejuvenates skin’s appearance and leaves your skin hydrated all day.

OLIVE & JUNE THE STUDIO BOX – Tips by nail salon Fairfax

Olive & June has set you up with all the expected tools, including nail polish remover pot to erase old polish and prep nails, clean-up brush for easy touch-ups, flat-edge nail clipper, dual-grit nail file, and buffer cube for shaping and smoothing, the poppy universal polish bottle handle, the top coat, hydrating cuticle serum with cactus flower, and your choice of nail polish. Plus, they have thrown in game-changing add-ons like the universal nail polish holder to give you a better grip on your brush and a perch for your smartphone so you can film your manicure.