Cute nail designs for Christmas at Soho Nails Spa | Nail salon in Kansas City, MO 64118

Christmas is coming soon, this is when the festival atmosphere is the strongest every year. It’s time for us to make beautiful nails. Christmas-themed nail art is mostly red, red, green, and green, or bling style. Here are some designs for you to choose
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Sweater pattern, snowman, elk, Christmas tree…These are essential Christmas elements, properly one of the best choices for this season. 

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nail salon 64118

Shining is also Christmas, the style that Europeans and Americans prefer. The glitters will give you an eye-catching look and show your attractive style.


Your best color as a True Winter is holly berry red. There are also many good-looking ones in all red. You can choose a full red design or one with some neutral shades such as white, beige, or lighter pink.

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As Winter you need a very particular range of greens. Green is made up of two primary colors, one warm (yellow) and one cool (blue) and the balance is crucial for getting your perfect green. Frosted green with a sense of autumn and winter is one of the favorite colors for this season.

nail salon 64118

Winter’s nails allow you to show off all those cute wintry themes. Treat yourself to a seasonal manicure to warm up your cold hands in winter and enjoy the joyous vibe of the holiday.

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