Best Thanksgiving Nail Ideas and Designs 2022

 When Thanksgiving Day comes around, there’s plenty of planning to do, from the food to the decorations. But don’t forget to pick out the perfect Thanksgiving nail design that will coordinate with your Thanksgiving outfit (even if it’s stretchy pants!) and give everyone around the table something to talk about

Many of these ideas are simple fall nail designs that work all season, but some are more intricate, fun ideas meant to celebrate the holiday. Whether you’re a beginner or practically a pro (or plan on enlisting the help of your manicurist!), there’s something here for all tastes—funny, flirty, fancy, festive, and more. Most of these fun nail designs have one common thread—they all feature warm Thanksgiving colors for nails (think oranges, browns, yellows, and deep reds), so make sure you stock up on those polish colors before you begin. We’re still swooning over a the entire Peanuts cast inspired by A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on one hand! And tiny turkeys on each nail—Come. On. If you want to do fall nails that are a celebration of autumnal tones we love so much this time of year, we’ve included simple looks, too.

So take your autumn-inspired look to the next level with creative Thanksgiving-themed nail designs. And why stop after Turkey Day? Check out Christmas nail art designs for dazzling December nails, because the holiday season is just around the corner!


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