Be a lash queen this holiday season

With winter almost here and the holiday atmosphere rapidly enveloping the country, many of us find our thoughts turning to those annual parties and other festivities. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s, the celebrations don’t stop. For some holiday events, you may want your makeup to look better than usual. So, what’s something that can really send your look over the top? One of the best ways to complete a holiday makeup look is with beautiful false lashes. But, why apply fake eyelashes for every single event? Beauty By Nien eyelash extensions Houston 77084 can last up to eight weeks, saving you time on your makeup routine this holiday season.

Beauty by Nien – Permanent makeup 77084 – Eyelash salon near me Houston, TX : For some holiday events, you may want your makeup to look better than usual. So, what’s something that can really send your look over the top?

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What is the deal with lash extensions?

Lash extensions are tiny individual lashes that are dipped in special glue that bonds them to your natural eyelash.

Eyelash extensions are supposed to last between four and six weeks, and can take a while to apply, as in most cases the lashes are applied individually. Generally, people get them to make their lashes look fuller and longer, but you can get the look customised to fit what you’re after.

You will wake up flawless with a new set of lashes done by our certified lash artists in Beauty by Nien salon in the city of Houston. Your new beautiful lashes are light weight and feel like nothing is there. Our no.1 priority is not only to provide the best lash extension experience, but to also have you leaving uplifted and feeling like your best self.

Featured eyelash services in Beauty By Nien salon in Houston, Texas:

Classic Eyelash Extensions Full Set

Create long-lasting power lashes in less time. Think superfine extensions, applied using an innovative lash technique to create the look that expresses your individuality.

With this set, thinner and softer eyelashes are used, applying a few extensions on one natural lash, or one thicker extension on one natural lash – depending on client eyelashes. This set will make them look a bit fuller and fluttery, but at the same time very natural.

Volume Eyelash Extensions Full Set

This style of eyelash extensions gives you fuller, fluffier and darker eyelashes with 3D, 4D, 5D effect. Adds more volume and makes your lashes look more visible. Works well with everyday makeup, and for special occasions like weddings and events.
We specialize in Volume lash extensions from very natural to mega volume.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Full Set

This set is a mix between Classic lash extensions and a Volume Set. A Hybrid Set can be the perfect option to achieve light volume and a wispy glamorous look.

We also offer Lash Lift and Tint to create the appearance of longer and thicker looking lashes.

By straightening your natural lashes at the root and then tinting them, Lash Tinting is ideal for those seeking a more natural look with low maintenance and gives you longer, thicker eyelashes.

Lash Tint is available in natural black. This tinting is great to improve appearance and add natural looking color for your lashes.


What are the eyelash services available at Beauty by Nien Texas 77084?